Holiday Gifts From The Heart

Posted by Mary Barry on Dec 11, 2012

Thank You……. Thank You…….. ThankĀ  You

Typical reactions on opening a Massage Gift:
1. Screams of delight
2. “You are so thoughtful”
3. Hugs of joy
4. “Wow! This is the best gift ever”
5. Jumping up and down
6. “Goodbye stress…..Hello a new relaxed me”

Typical comments after using a Massage Gift:
1. “That was the best gift ever”
2. “I’ve never felt so relaxed and stress free”
3. “Your caring gift alleviated my headaches”
4. “I feel I’ve been given a new body”
5. “Can’t believe I feel no more aches or soreness”
6. “Your kind gift relieved my neck and back pain”

Convenient ways to purchase a gift certificate:

Gift certificates can be:

  • Mailed directly to you or the recipient
  • Picked up at our office: 106 West Grove St. Middleboro

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