Why massage?

What Does Stress Do To Your Body?
The relationship of stress and illness is of interest to anyone maintaining their health.
We all have stress in our daily lives relating to work, family, environment, and society.
Stress causes the following physical changes in the body:

  • Muscles tense causing discomfort, pain and reduced range of motion.
  • Blood pressure increases.
  • Heart rate increases.
  • Breathing rate increases.
  • Cholesterol and fat levels in the blood elevate.
  • Blood sugar increases.

Who Can Benefit from Muscle Massage Therapy?

  • A person wishing to experience the inner calmness and glow from a stress reducing

  • A person suffering from stress related symptoms (muscle pain or stiffness, headaches,
    anxiety, fatigue).

  • A person wishing to improve/maintain the flexibility and range of motion in their joints
  • An expecting mother who wishes to alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy related
    muscle aches, back pain, lack of energy. Comfortable side lying techniques are used
    for later stages of pregnancy

  • An athlete who needs faster and more complete recovery from injury, improved
    performance, reduced soreness from heavy training.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

    Muscular/Skeletal System

  • Grants you quick drug free relief from pain
  • Eases muscular pain, spasms and tightness.
  • Increases mobility and range of motion in joints.
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Facilitates faster healing of injuries.
  • Helps prevent atrophy resulting from forced inactivity.

    Circulatory System

  • Increased circulation of blood to the muscles, skin, bones, and connective tissues
    of the body

  • Assist lymphatic circulation
  • Acts as a “mechanical cleanser”, accelerating the elimination of waste and toxic debris

    Nervous System

  • Stimulates neuromuscular reflexes
  • Balances nervous system.
  • Reduces stress and tension.
  • Promotes mind/body awareness.
  • Increases energy
  • Increases production of endorphins – the body’s natural pain reliever – producing a feeling of comfort and well-being.

    Digestive System

  • Aids peristaltic movement
  • Promotes regularity